Refactoring in C# book source code now on Github

I just pushed source code accompanying my Refactoring in C# book to Github. Clone it here.

Parameterized tests in JUnit

Parameterized tests in JUnit can be very useful when writing tests based on tabular data. These type of tests can save you from writing a lot of duplicate or boilerplate code. While there is a fair amount of articles on the subject on the Internet, I wasn’t able to find a code sample that you […]

Visual Studio and TDD: Better late than never

After hearing that UML is touted as a “next big thing” in Visual Studio 2010, I must admit I was less than elated. Since I am hardly a “new kid on the block”, I freely admit that I remember that quirky diagramming tool called Visual Modeler that shipped with Visual Studio 6.0. (“Ten years after” already?)