Refactoring in C# book source code now on Github

I just pushed source code accompanying my Refactoring in C# book to Github. Clone it here.

“Programming Through Configuration”: a Bitter Cure for a Broken Deployment Pipeline

I was curious when our client asked us to put our web flow definition files into the database. We used these files to define a basic navigation flows in our web application. To put it simply, our homemade framework was conceptually very similar to a Spring Web Flow. Such flow definition is a first class […]

Telerik announces (yet another) .NET refactoring tool

Refactoring support in Visual Studio 2010 lags miles behind refactoring support in in free tools like Eclipse or Netbeans.

Visual Studio and TDD: Better late than never

After hearing that UML is touted as a “next big thing” in Visual Studio 2010, I must admit I was less than elated. Since I am hardly a “new kid on the block”, I freely admit that I remember that quirky diagramming tool called Visual Modeler that shipped with Visual Studio 6.0. (“Ten years after” already?)


Sometimes I hear YAGNI principle invoked in a way that it is clearly misinterpreted. For example “Maybe you do not need to refactor this code just yet” or “Maybe you do not need all those unit tests”. Thing is, to be able to do YAGNI, you need to have your code refactored and covered with tests. You need continuous integration and automated builds. Without these practices, once you need to implement a new feature in JIT fashion, things will inevitably start to break,

Map two classes with one-to-one relationship to a single table in LINQ to SQL.

After performing a refactoring on a class and extracting associated class, I had to make my classes map to a single table in database. For that purpose I used the usual Association attribute.

Code, aesthetics and symmetry

It might sound funny to mention aesthetic qualities like symmetry when speaking about source code… It has to do with inner workings of our brain. These qualities are the way to communicate with fellow programmer on another level.

“Professional Refactoring in C# and ASP.NET” available with discount for pre-order at Amazon

“Professional Refactoring in C# and ASP.NET” available with discount for pre-order at Amazon. A good catch for early birds 😉

.Net, diversify!

One of the tenants of .Net is language neutrality. It means you can pick the language you know and like the best and you will be able to write more or less the same program as you would in any other .Net language. This has pretty much worked as promised and today with Visual Studio […]