Sometimes I hear YAGNI principle invoked in a way that it is clearly misinterpreted. For example “Maybe you do not need to refactor this code just yet” or “Maybe you do not need all those unit tests”. Thing is, to be able to do YAGNI, you need to have your code refactored and covered with tests. You need continuous integration and automated builds. Without these practices, once you need to implement a new feature in JIT fashion, things will inevitably start to break,

Another Free C# Refactoring Tool from Devexpress

Developer Express have released another free C# tool that includes “a fresh selection of hand-picked features taken from CodeRush and Refactor! Pro.”

Dealing with legacy code

First of all, do not discard rewriting application from scratch without giving it a really good consideration. In my experience, it is often much easier to develop an application from zero when compared with refactoring legacy version; it is also much more difficult to refactor the legacy code than it might look at the first site. Do an experiment.

“Professional Refactoring in C# and ASP.NET” available with discount for pre-order at Amazon

“Professional Refactoring in C# and ASP.NET” available with discount for pre-order at Amazon. A good catch for early birds 😉

It’s official! Professional Refactoring in C# and ASP .Net is in the works!

Professional Refactoring in C# and ASP .Net is in the works!

Debunking refactoring misconceptions at InfoQ

“If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”

Often portrayed as longstanding engineering wisdom, “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It” posture only promotes complacency. Refactoring teaches against it, and for a good reason.

Another tool in Visual Basic refactoring arsenal

It’s great to see that support for refactoring in VB is constantly growing. Here is another tool on the list. JetBrains have announced 4.0 Beta of ReSharper Visual Studio Add-in. This time, ReSharper comes with support for Visual Basic. While it is still lagging a bit behind C#, since it supports refactoring of Visual Basic […]

Get a first peek into upocoming Professional Refactoring in Visual Basic

While Professional Refactoring in Visual Basic still has “upcoming” badge on Wrox site, I recently saw that you can already download and take a look at few excerpts. Excerpt 1 is actually the whole first chapter and gives a good intro in what the book is all about. Enjoy 😉

Refactoring community at RefactorMyCode

At RefactorMyCode you can post the code you are not so sure how to refactor and ask someone else to have a go at it. There is already a great number of posts and programming languages at the site. A great way to make refactoring community work together.

VB6 crossing the Rubicon

This post is for all you VB6 diehards. I just stumbled upon a VB6 add-in that supports a few refactorings in VB6. CodeShine add-in supports Extract Method, so it means it’s on the other side of refactoring Rubicon. It also supports a limited Rename functionality, so here you have probably two most common refactorings automated […]